Elemental Holding SA as a public interest entity, fulfilling its obligation to publish reports on CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) policy,publishes inits activity reports information on environmental issues, social issues, employee issues,as well as discloses other information specified in Article49b of the Accounting Act. Activity reports, constituting attachments to periodic reports, are published on its website in the investor relations tab.


Elemental Holding SA strives to actively participate in social life, both within local communities and in other areas of non-professional activity.

Since 2013, it has been supporting Polish charity campaigns, cooperating on an ongoing basis with social organizations and foundations.

Elemental has also started cooperated with institutions responsible for human security, removal of consequences of ecological accidents and catastrophes. In this respect, it provides inter aliaareas of its plants for drill exercises of the State Fire Service, which aim at evaluation of skills in atypical production plants and preparation of fire brigades to eliminate hazards in plants dealing with waste storage and processing as well as development of firefighting variants in case of fire of spent household appliances.

Bearing in mind safety in road transport and taking into account related dangers that arise from it, Elemental pays particular attention to trainings aimed at improving the driving culture of drivers and safety of road users. Elemental provides training in driving improvement techniques in cooperation with insurance companies.

Elemental also regularly cooperates with the Poviat Labor Office in the field of activating local labor market, believing that such an approach brings tangible benefits, both for employers and the local community.

Elemental Group makes every effort to build awareness of responsibility for the natural environment among the society. Therefore, in addition to operational activities consisting in the implementation of normative solutions, companies from the Elemental group get involved in educating the youngest in the field of recycling and environmental protection. In addition, group's representatives actively participate in initiatives and campaigns for environmental protection and those related to the idea of ​​rational management of natural resources.

Understanding the essence of social involvement, included in a wide spectrum of activities, Elemental Holding SA also supports promotion of health and physical activity. As a sponsor of the Elemental Tri Series triathlon series, it supports Olympic talents in triathlon within the framework of the Elemental Tri Team program.

More information on the social activities of the Elemental Holding SA Capital Group can be found in periodic management reports, constituting attachments to periodic reports published in the investor relations tab.

Elemental and triathlon

Elemental Holding has been the titular sponsor of Elemental Triathlon Olsztyn since 2013 and since 2015 –of Elemental Tri Series: a series of triathlon competitions, which nowadays are one of the most important series of events in Poland, gathering players from all around the world. What is worth underlining is the fact that since 2017, the competition in Olsztyn has been classified as part of the European Cup on the sprint distance of the European Union Triathlon (ETU) and participation in the competition of the entire ETS series allows earning points in the Polish Cup ranking. In recent years, Elemental Holding...
ETS 2020 - we know the competition calendar

We know the schedule of the Elemental Tri Series competition in 2020. Inauguration on May 20 in Olsztyn. Registration for participation in both the entire cycle and selected professions has already started.

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ETS 2019: we start this weekend in Grodzisk Mazowiecki

Already this weekend, the triathon will come to the family city of Elemental Holding. On June 2, we invite you to the Elemental Tris Series 2019 in Grodzisk Mazowiecki.

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