About us

Description of activity.

Elemental Holding S.A. invests in entities dealing with urban mining and recycling.

Companies belonging to the ELEMENTAL Group operate within the framework of four business lines:

  • recycling of spent automotive catalysts (SAC),
  • recycling of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE),
  • recycling of printed circuit boards (PCB),
  • recycling of non-ferrous metal scrap (non- ferrous).

As a rule, the Group's companies specialize in activities within selected business lines.

The companies belonging to the ELEMENTAL Group are based in the countries of the European Union, Turkey and UAE. Markets on which materials for recycling are purchased and products are sold have a global reach.


In the ELEMENTAL Group, Elemental Holding S.A. acts as a holding company that coordinates the operation of subsidiaries. Elemental Holding S.A. is responsible for the Group's strategy and conducts activities aimed at optimization of operational processes by coordinating such aspects as: waste acquisition processes, sales to steel mills and refineries, investment policy, credit policy, financial management, and material procurement processes.

The companies use the potential of operating in a strong structure for their development: industry know-how, a large network of suppliers and recipients, competitive framework agreements with the world's largest steel mills and refineries, production and analytical infrastructure, logistics facilitations related to extensive transport and loading facilities, and the network of collection points throughout the country, Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Territorial expansion abroad is carried out and planned to maximize the use of operational synergies and complementarily develop geographic markets.


Development strategy of the Elemental Holding Capital Group.

Strategic goal of the ELEMENTAL Group development includes:

  • achieving the position of a global leader in the segment of recycling of spent automotive catalysts (SAC)
  • obtaining the position of a European leader in the segment of recycling of printed circuit boards (PCB)
  • strengthening the Group's position as a regional leader in the segment of recycling of used electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE)
  • strengthening the Group's position as a regional leader in the segment of recycling of non-ferrous metals and improvement of profitability through: implementation of modern tools to manage the supply chain, prices and risk of changes in metals prices and exchange rates, achievement of added value as a result of more advanced processing waste. 

We intend to achieve this goal primarily through:

  • Organic development aimed at using a strong base of entities incorporated in the Group through acquisitions in the years 2014-2018 in order to obtain a strong increase in market share (in particular in the PCB and SAC segments). The structure created on the basis of acquisitions has a large potential for volume growth.
  • Acquisitions of further entities on mature markets, complementary in terms of geography or assortment to the entities operating within the Group. The ELEMENTAL Group will be particularly interested in those entities that are leaders or vice-leaders in respective countries and have real development opportunities.
  • Entering new market segments, such as: REUSE and REFURBISH in the PCB segment, METAL MANAGEMENT in the field of precious metals, platinum, palladium and rhodium recovered in the SAC and PCB segments, recycling of lead-acid batteries and lithium-ion batteries.
  • Optimization of working capital using financial instruments available due to economies of scale, implementation of commodities-based financing in turnover, optimization of metal price hedging costs and currency exchange rates using the economies of scale effect.
  • Using tightening environmental protection regulations to strengthen the market position at the expense of competitors that are unable to meet new regulatory or investment requirements, particularly in the WEEE and PCB segments.

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